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Prices and Terms:

Package Length

  • 9 Months of Training

  • September 2020-May 2021

Total Cost after 09/01/2020

  • $1000/month 

Total Cost before 09/01/2020: 

  • $850/month


  • Monthly 

  • Security deposit of last two months (April and May 2021), paid up front along with first month's payment

  • If you cancel your package mid-season, your deposit will be forfeited

Sibling Discount

  • If you want to sign up siblings, take another 5% off their entire package

  • Code included in confirmation email for first student signed up


  • By signing up for this package, you agree to hold harmless and release from all liability Omar Sobhy, the Sobhy Squash Academy Coaching Staff, and Meadow Mill Athletic Club.

  • God forbid, if another COVID shutdown were to occur this season, your package payments would be stopped and credited towards future use. 

    • This was the practice used for 100% of package holders last season, during the initial COVID-19 shutdown.​

Standard Prices (Without Package)

  • $125 lesson (45 min)
    $150 lesson (1 hr)
    $85 each - semi-private lesson (1 hr)
    $125 each - semi private lesson (1.5 hrs)
    $100 - team training (2.25 hrs)


Package Features and Benefits

  • Access to Attend all 2-3 Team Training Sessions every week

    • You don’t have to attend all, but you have access to attend whichever team training sessions you want

    • Tues and Thurs 5:45-8 pm

    • Saturday 12:45-3 pm

      • (Optional, by Availability)

  • One 45 minute private lesson per week or one one hour semi-private lesson per week

  • Two OPEN matchplay sessions per week

    • Everyone needs more matchplay!

    • Not coached, scheduled by player availability

  • High-performance squash specific fitness programming, including:

    • In-person group fitness sessions

    • Online fitness video resources

    • Fitness programming consultations and guidance

  • Mental toughness training, including:

    • In-person mental training guidance

    • Online high-performance mental training video resources

    • Mental training high performance and guidance

  • Recovery programming, including:

    • Specific recovery training techniques and resources

    • Recovery consultation and guidance

  • Solo training and drill resources

  • 24/7 Support, coaching, and guidance

  • 20% off all racquets purchases throughout the season

  • 2 free racquets strung throughout the season


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