Weight: 135g


APX.. the next evolution in the Dynergy family is the most powerful series offered to date by Tecnifibre. Advancing on their Arch Power technology, the APX should be a top choice for any offensive style squash player.  The light weight (135g) combined with the 360mm (14.17”) offers a very powerful and maneuverable frame while remaining very stable in any court position.


The Tecnifibre Dynergy 135 APX is medium-weight racquet designed for maximum power with increased feel and stability, thanks to the Arch Power X and Jumbo Shaft technologies. The Arch Power X allows the player to unleash the power of Tecnifibre’s industry-leading, premium multifilament strings while the Jumbo Shaft provides a 38% thicker cross-section for stability and control. The “arch” permits dynamic main-string response without sacrificing stability. This innovation allows the APX series to be one of the most powerful ranges in the market while blending in Tecnifibre’s patented stability and feel.


The 135 APX encompasses Tecnifibre’s SuperLight bumper for maximum maneuverability and high-modulus graphite for added durability. The Dynergy 135 APX is designed for the beginner to intermediate club player and comes equipped with Tecnifibre’s new Squash Tacky grip in black plus a full cover.

Technifibre Dynergy APX 135