Training Resources


We provide high performance squash and athletic coaching and training services in a rigorous, fun, and encouraging environment, where the development and satisfaction of our students is our focus. We train students of all ages and skill levels and our training methods have helped players accomplish goals ranging from building basic athletic and high performance skills to becoming World Junior Champions and getting recruited to Ivy League schools. Our coaching staff is experienced and passionate about making an impact and changing the lives of our students. We look forward to helping you grow!

“We care deeply about helping people on and off the court and our focus is improving squash, life, and athletic skills, while building character.” 

Physical Training & Recovery


Explore unique workouts for speed, agility, strength, and stamina. Train hard and smart, taking care of your body with efficient and effective recovery.

Mental and Life Skills Training 


It's our goal to help maximize your mental capabilities to help you become successful on and off the court or field. We provide you with mental training methods that will serve you in your sport and for the rest of your professional life.

College Recruitment



Our network of college coaches and experience with the college squash recruitment process has helped our students get recruited to all 8 Ivy League schools. Take your first steps in this process today.

Weekly Performance Review and Strategic Planning Worksheet