Holistic Coaching

Our goal is to help you become successful on and off the court. We will teach you lessons that will serve you in your squash game that can be applied to future off-court goals as well.

Flawless Fundamentals

We believe in building an excellent technical and tactical foundation that the rest of your game will be built upon. 

Mental and Physical Edge

Squash is an extremely athletic and challenging sport, and it’s our goal to help maximize your mental and physical capabilities.

Training Program Creation

We create training programs to help you make the most of your training inside and outside of in-person sessions.

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Ongoing Weekly Sessions:

  • Team Training 

    • Mon 5:45-8pm, Weds 5:45-8pm, Sat 1:15-3:30pm

    • Experience nearly 2.5 hrs of high intensity social and competitive squash training (including fitness, drills, and condition games) featuring some of the top juniors in the region.

  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons

    • ​Learn from one of our coaches, who will help give you specific feedback to elevate your game.

    • Scheduled on a personal basis, reach out to omar.sobhy@sobhyco.com or 516-659-6078 to schedule yours

Special Coaching Offerings:

  • Tournament Coaching

    • Receive coaching throughout tournament weekends to help you best prepare, perform, and extract as much knowledge to grow and improve from tournaments.

  • Fitness, Solo, and Footwork Training Program Creation

    • ​Let us create a sport-specific training program for you to help you gain a competitive edge.

  • Virtual Coaching - Mental Training Sessions, Video Review Sessions, Training Planning & Accountability Sessions

    • ​We can help coach you virtually with a combination of creating your training program, reviewing your previous matches, and managing your training as well as helping you improve your mental game.

Interested in Learning More? Contact Coach Omar Sobhy: omar.sobhy@sobhyco.com or 516-659-6078